Logo Usage

The Qtrade Investor master logo should be used whenever possible. Qtrade blue (PMS 281 / #002664) and black (PMS Black / #231F20) are our corporate colours and should not be altered.

Download Qtrade master logo files:  EPS file   |   PNG file

Qtrade Investor Logo


Where the master logo cannot be used, the reversed logo should be used.

Download reversed logo:  EPS file   |   PNG file

Qtrade reversed logo

Isolation / Clear Space

The Qtrade Investor logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. The area of isolation ensures that headlines, text or other visual elements do not encroach on the logo.  

The area is defined by using the height of one of the "Q" from the Qtrade Investor logo. A margin of clear space equivalent to this height is drawn around the logo to create the invisible boundary of the area of clear space.

Image that shows a sample of the clear space around the Qtrade logo

Minimum size

While there are no predetermined sizes for the Qtrade Investor logo, scale and proportion should be determined by the available space and aesthetics of the layout.

We recommend a minimum dimension size of 116px wide and 36px high and for font size a minimum of 18pt for "Qtrade", and a minimum size of 9pt for "Investor". These sizes have been set to safeguard the integrity of the logo at all times.

Image sample that shows a sample of the recommended minimum dimension size of the logo


The Qtrade icon is used across many platforms and on many devices, so we have a set of pre-determined icons and favicons for use on desktop, mobile and in browsers.

We recommend a minimum icon size of 16px x16px (minimum favicon size) to ensure clarity and legibility when the icon is used.

Download Qtrade icon size of 16px x16px 16x16
Download Qtrade icon size of 32px x32px 32x32
Download Qtrade icon size of 64px x64px 64x64
Download Qtrade icon size of 128px x128px 128x128

Do's and Dont's

Image that shows examples of Do's and Don'ts usage of the logo

For all permitted uses of our logo, please refrain from the following:

  • Placing a logo in close proximity to other content so it becomes indistinguishable
  • Altering our logo in any way
  • Using our logo in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Qtrade or approval, sponsorship or endorsement by Qtrade (unless allowed via a license from us)
  • Using our logo in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene or otherwise objectionable to the average person
  • Using our logo to, or in connection with, content that disparages us or sullies our reputation