Approvals and support

Your marketing kit includes a wealth of pre-approved materials to help you promote Qtrade Investor to build your wealth business.

However, if you make changes to the pre-approved materials or create something new, it must be reviewed and approved – by both Qtrade Investor Marketing and Compliance departments – prior to use, publication or distribution.

Request approval through the form below. It will automatically be directed to both Marketing and Compliance and we’ll send back a consolidated response/approval.

A few guidelines:

  • Marketing and communication materials include all client communications (electronic or otherwise), such as:
    • newsletters, brochures, seminar presentations, advertisements (print, radio, television, etc.)
    • client appreciation events, external and internal signage, banners, web sites, etc.
  • Except where approval is granted, all advertising and sales communications must include the full name and logo of Qtrade Investor and where necessary, follow Qtrade’s brand standards. If completing a Qtrade required initiative, brand standards will be provided in a corresponding guide and will cover details such as general layout, logo placement, correct typeface (font), colours, standardized regulatory disclaimers etc.
  • While it is our intention to provide rapid turnaround, please allow a minimum of two business days for our response/approval. If changes are required, the approval time may be extended.  
  • Final approval is granted by Aviso Wealth compliance officer.


National Instrument 81-105 and Aviso Wealth business guidelines apply to all marketing and communication activities. This guide is meant for internal use only – please do not reproduce or redistribute.