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This is your go-to location for all the campaign marketing materials you'll need to promote the Investment Savings Campaign and build your wealth business. 

​Your marketing kit contains a wealth of information and pre-approved turn-key marketing assets, all designed to help you with your sales efforts. ​

​All the copy in this marketing kit is pre-approved, so you can simply download and use them in your sales and promotional efforts. 

Campaign Tracking URL

If you would like to link any assets to Qtrade Investor, please ensure you use this campaign's tracking URL:

  1. English - (in the format qtrade.ca/en/investor/offers/new-accounts.html?partner=your-organization)
  2. French - (in the format qtrade.ca/fr/investor/offers/new-accounts.html?partner=your-organization)

Content change approvals

If you make changes to the pre-approved materials or create something new, it must be approved – by both Qtrade Investor Marketing and Compliance departments – prior to use, publication or distribution.

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